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Security Assessments

Red Teaming

Our team employs cutting-edge tools and techniques to simulate the tactics of real-world adversaries. We will identify vulnerabilities and test your defenses with our first-hand experience and knowledge. You can trust our team to deliver the insights you need to improve your security posture and protect your critical assets from evolving threats.

Vulnerability Assessments

Our expert team has trained to the highest standards within the DoD and the private sector. Our training and real-world operational experience allow our team to deliver comprehensive vulnerability assessment services in complex technological environments, evaluate risk, and provide clients with actionable solutions to enhance their security posture. 

Penetration Testing


Our team's military experience has instilled a sense of discipline, drive, and work ethic. We maintain the highest industry-recognized certifications, underscoring our proficiency in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities and providing clients with effective solutions to improve their security posture. With these capabilities and values, OTS is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity defenses.

Embedded Systems Security

Assessing the security of embedded systems is paramount in today's interconnected world. Failure to do so leaves an organization vulnerable to cyber-attacks that can compromise system confidentiality, integrity, and availability. With embedded systems' critical role, prioritizing security assessments is crucial to safeguarding clients and protecting against potential attacks. Embedded systems security provides a comprehensive security assessment necessary for any organization in today's digital landscape.



We provide expert consultation for remote and tactical cyber at all operational levels.   Our backgrounds and experiences allow us to offer a rare and unique perspective in the world of offensive cyber. 

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