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We offer practical, real-world training and exercise support to clients in the DoD and the private sector. Our priority is to equip clients with the latest Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures in the rapidly evolving fields of cyber and communications, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

Our comprehensive approach blends classroom instruction, lab exercises, and field training, emphasizing hands-on, practical experience. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and support to clients, enabling them to tackle any challenges that come their way.

Training and Exercise Support
"Train as you fight."


At our core, we believe in the principle of "Train as you fight" when it comes to cyber operations and we draw on our extensive background and experience to offer the most realistic and operationally-based cyber exercises available today.  We know from experience that the difference between mission success and failure often comes down to the effectiveness of training in preparing for real-world operational environments.


Operational_Linux_Course (1).png

Duration: 5 Days

Difficulty: Basic

Led by experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge, our fundamental Linux course is tailored for technical operators just starting their careers in offensive cyber operations.

Duration: 5 Days

Difficulty: Basic

This course is designed to provide operators with the essential programming skills necessary for conducting offensive cyber operations. Participants will learn how to leverage Python to automate tasks, customize tools, and analyze and troubleshoot code through a hands-on approach. We know from experience that a basic understanding of programming enables cyber operators to develop custom solutions and tools to achieve their objectives. With Operational Python, students will be better equipped to succeed in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of offensive cyber.


Duration: 10 Days

Difficulty: Intermediate

The WEC teaches advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures for WiFi exploitation. Students will use our Simulated Tool Suite, which mimics the look and feel of high-end cyber capabilities without the accompanying risks. This course is particularly beneficial for students from organizations that lack the necessary capabilities or authorities to train like elite cyber organizations. Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to level up your skills and knowledge in this field.

Duration: 10 Weeks

Difficulty: Advanced

The Special Operations Forces (SOF) Cyber Course is an advanced, 10-week course focused on augmenting the SOF core mission set with cyberspace capabilities. Students will participate in interactive, expert led instruction, lab exercises, and realistic lane scenarios to teach and reinforce core SOF cyber concepts. Graduates of SOFCC are subject matter experts who can plan, execute, and advise commanders on tactical cyber operations.


At the end of this intensive course, students will master:

  • Enabling the F3EAD process via wireless targeting

  • Limited, Localized Cyber Effects (D4M)

  • Enabling remote access via bridging and pivoting operations

  • Subject Matter Expert to advise commanders, coordinate with partners, and plan cyber operations

SOF_Cyber_Course (2400 × 1600 px).png

Duration: TBD

Difficulty: Basic - Advanced

We understand the complexities of operational environments and that each unit has its own specific needs. We are uniquely positioned to provide tailored solutions that address specific challenges and Mission Essential Tasks (METs). Reach out to us with requirements and develop your own course!

White Rock Training Facility


Our facility offers a range of amenities, including ample classroom and meeting space, a multi-bay garage, and a 150-acre training area, delivering an unparalleled opportunity to refine and develop the latest "TTPs" for Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and UMS operations.

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